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Brave, Resilient, Advocates, with Voice and Expanded Perspective

The complexity, connectedness and challenges of our world require people who are willing to look beyond – beyond the perspective of one culture or philosophy; beyond the problems to transformational process; beyond where we are to where we could be— and who are committed to building bridges across these chasms. Bridge Building leaders. It turns out that many women are particularly skilled at this. However, for a wide variety of complex reasons many women struggle with low leadership confidence. This low confidence comes at a high price—personally, organizationally and globally. We need Bridge Building Leaders who are BRAVE.

The Story


Sometimes a question is so compelling it becomes a quest; changing the trajectory of our lives. This is what happened to me when I observed talented women lacking the confidence to use their voice for the good of the world; and began to study the factors and forces that contributed to this. I discovered that girls aged 6 already believe boys are more likely to be “really, really smart” than girls, and that a woman’s confidence peaks at age 9! I discovered that low self esteem is linked to lower academic scores, higher mental health issues, an increase in negative behaviours and corresponding decrease in participation in various positive activities.

There truly is a high cost to women’s low confidence—and that this is true at personal, family, organizational and global levels. We know that when a minimum of 30% women are included at decision making tables around the world levels of crime, corruption, terrorism, poverty and abuse go down…and quality of life, health care, education, organizational health and economic well being go up. Conversely when women are not included…well, you get the picture. This is why this is not just a woman’s issue…it is a personal well being issue and a humanitarian issue.


Critical Questions

Why aren’t more women following their BRAVE?

The reasons are complex and systemic … From the moment of birth, in many cultures around the world, even in those where glass ceilings are being pushed back, mixed messages and challenges persist.

Can women develop their leadership confidence?

Turns out the answer is a resounding yes, beginning in early childhood and at critical windows throughout a woman’s life just knowing that this is a common problem and learning some strategies can be profoundly helpful.

Can we create environments in which both men and women can thrive?

A bit harder – but yes – and the positive impact to everyone is significant.

BRAVE provides a model for women and organizations desiring to build bridges to transformation. It weaves research, stories and reflection exercises around the themes of confidence, resilience, advocacy and action, voice, and expanded perspective and influence.”

"“This book is a masterpiece! I’ve spent my career helping leaders and organizations find their authentic path to contribution. This experience helped me quickly see the breathtaking genius in Ellen Duffield’s work. She presents a practical, well-researched guide for anyone interested in finding their confidence and voice. Not only does The Brave Way provide you with guidance and thoughtful challenge, it delivers hope, inspiration and clarity of the fact that we all have a part to play in making the world a better place. I encourage anyone who wants to evolve, and support the growth of others, to read this book in community, sharing your voice with people who want to make a difference. Thank you Ellen for bringing this powerful work alive!”"
  • Courtney Lynch, Esq.
  • Founder and CEO Lead Star. New York Times best-selling author of Spark and Leading from the Front.
"What will it take to build your confidence as a woman leader? What will it take to create organizations where both men and women can thrive? What will it take to enable us all to become just a little bit more BRAVE?"
  • Ellen Duffield
  • Brave Women Compendium
About author
Ellen Duffield

Ellen Duffield’s passion for helping seasoned and emerging leaders think and act more transformationally, as well as her commitment to helping create environments where both men and women can thrive, permeates her research, writing, speaking and facilitating.


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